Corrections and Clarifications for 11/7/17: Locksmith and names

In the last issue (Oct. 26), the Times published a story about a key order backlog (“Locksmith leaves staff scrambling”), which prompted a flood of email feedback from readers, including the subject of the story, district locksmith Jose Garza.

This story should never have been printed as it was, without any attribution or quotations.

The Times heartily apologizes to any who may have been offended by this error, which arose from hastiness and inexperience rather than malice.

We please ask that our readers take into consideration that the Times is a paper entirely run and produced by students who are enrolled in media production courses. Our staff are continually in the process of learning as they work to create this product for the San Jose City College community.

At this time, Mr. Garza has accepted our apology and declined to be further interviewed for a clarification of the article.

As always, we are gratified for your feedback so that we can correct our errors and do better in the future. Likewise, we hope for your understanding when we make mistakes.


  • In “KJCC finds temporary home,” published Oct. 26, the “Voice of the Jaguars” should have been identified as Zach Tatar, not Zach Tater.
  • On page 4 of the Sept. 26 issue, a photo caption in the story “Local Artist ‘Embracing Uncertainty’” (pg. 4) in the Sept. 26 issue incorrectly identified student Ally Quetal as Allly Quetal.
  • On page 2 of the Nov. 7 issue, the dean of Language Arts should have been identified as Celia Cruz-Johnson, not Cecilia Cruz-Johnson.