SJCC Campus Technology Committee may substitute desktops for laptops

Mobile tech makes streamlining better

With todays current technological advances, laptops are able to run as efficient as a desktop. Being able to take it wherever is definitely a plus.

New tech equipment might be coming to San Jose City College’s way for students and classrooms.

The plan is still being put together, but SJCC Computer Instructor Mark Branom, Vice President of Administrative Service Christopher Hawken and Campus Technology Support and Services Young Nguyen agreed during the meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 23 that it is important to have these tech devices sooner rather than later.

Substituting desktops with laptops is the new mobile way the campus technology committee desires to move forward.

The distribution of equipment is planned to be according to the demand of softwares the course requires for student work, Hawken said.

For example, engineering courses require faster and stronger processing systems in their laptops because of the software programs needed. On the other hand ,there are courses that require just the basic computer softwares for students.

This is still a plan that is in the developing stages and in the works, more to be discussed.

Along with new tech equipment, the committee is working to implement more student work experience and provide paid internships for students in the tech field.

The committee set a goal to have rough drafts of these plans for the next meeting that will be Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. on Zoom.