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Letter to the Editor: It’s time for Persky to go

February 20, 2018

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As a 30-year Santa Clara resident, I am outraged that former Judge LaDoris Cordell said that she thought Brock Turner didn’t need to go to prison because his victim was “highly intoxicated.” If I shot or stabbed someone...

Letter to the editor: SJCC reeks of pot

December 21, 2017

Filed under Letter to the Editor, Opinion

Dear Editor, Something must be done about the marijuana smokers on campus. And it must be done right away. That smell. It’s everywhere. I can’t stand it. I’m not coming back next semester. I’m finished with Blunt...

Corrections and Clarifications for 11/7/17: Locksmith and names

November 7, 2017

Filed under Briefs, Letter to the Editor

In the last issue (Oct. 26), the Times published a story about a key order backlog (“Locksmith leaves staff scrambling”), which prompted a flood of email feedback from readers, including the subject of the story, district...

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