In response to the February 2nd issue, “Police must wear body cams”



In response to the February 2nd issue,
“Police must wear body cams”


To the Editor,


I think it’s very beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only does it improve our evidence collection through documentation of physical evidence and interrogation statements, but it also makes the police more accountable, and transparent. Police encounters are frequently criticize when anything goes wrong. As soon as anything happens, you see people using their cellphone cameras, and capturing the incident.


It’s really important the police capture from their own perspective because who knows if something were to happen, and you catches the tail end, he/she wouldn’t capture what lead up to the event. Police need a reason why cameras should be used in the first place.Police Body Cameras


Body worn cameras are a way to document incidents from an officers perspective, but are not just used to capture incidents. Officers use them in interrogations, interviews, or during active search warrants to document what is going to be searched, and proceed for evidence.


I think my officers have a great relationship with the students at San Jose City College.  The interactions I have had for the most part have been positive when I talk to individual groups. In the future we’re going to share more information through social media to help get the word out We appreciate students’ opening up discussions about what our department can do better.


Dear Thomas,


Thank you for reaching out to us at the City College Times. This editorial was written last semester by previous staff, but I agree that body cameras are another tool to help officers patrol local communities, and be more transparent in the public eye.