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“What is the college doing to support Black students, staff and faculty at the local level?”


To the editor,

Thank you SJCC Times (Madison Wilber) for asking the question, What is SJCC doing to show support for Black Lives Matter? The subject matter and the question itself are both important.
I would also ask what is the college doing to support Black students, staff and faculty at the local level? Black Lives Matter may seem scary, overwhelming, existential to the college.
However, Black students, staff and faculty are central to the campus.… It was very disappointing, but not surprising, to read about Chinna’s racial profiling experience.

With thanks,
Khalid White
Professor, Ethnic Studies
Oct. 1, 2021



Hello Khalid,

First and foremost, thank you for sending in your letter to the editor.

After doing some research, the college is showing its support to Black students at a local level by offering Black/African-American Student Counseling. This counseling is specifically for Black students who might need an outlet to share their struggles, discrimination and growth in identity as a Black citizen.

The college also offers an Umoja community. Umoja SJCC “is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing African-American and other students’ cultural and educational experiences.” It offers Black students access to Black mentors, free tutoring, special scholarship access and more.

There is not much stated on what the college does for Black faculty and staff members at a local level.

The Board of Trustees adopted Black Lives Matter and denounced racism within the school in 2015.

There are no flags or signs displayed across campus to show the college’s support to the campaign.

The Times encourages all faculty and staff members and students to reach out to us and give their opinion on what SJCC should do to show its support on Black Lives Matter.

Thank you again Khalid! I hope this answers your question!


The Editor

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