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How to Interview well to get the job

Jeremy Walker, Times Staff

December 10, 2019

Practice makes perfect Just like anything in life, being well prepared and ready for action, will always yield the best results. Make sure you have strong, but concise answers to all the most common interview questions, which ...

Reasons why President Trump has ruined America

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

December 10, 2019

America is currently being run by someone who was accused by 25 different women of sexual misconduct, according to the Business Insider website. As a survivor of sexual assault I’m absolutely disgusted that I live in a country...

Numb to an impeachment

Andrea Meza Flores, Times Staff

November 19, 2019

With all the insanity that has happened throughout his term and candidacy, it’s hard to care about the inevitable impeachment that is going to take place. According to The Guardian, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially...

How to stay safe in the event of a wildfire

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

October 21, 2019

West Coast states including Hawaii, Alaska and Nevada are in the danger zone when it comes to wildfires, according to a map created by the National Interagency Fire Center of Boise, Idaho. Wildfires have always been something...

Political cartoon on Garlic Festival shooting

Magnolia Lonero, Times Staff

September 23, 2019


Weather in the Amazon Rain forest

Forrest Canton, Times Staff

September 23, 2019

Trees in the Amazon Rain forest can make their own rain. In the rain forest, rain can begin early. The reason for that is because the moisture from their trees allow rain to begin two to three months before winds bring in moist...

Climate Strike in Downtown San Jose for everyone

K. Andrea Meza Flores, Times Staff

September 19, 2019

From the forest fires in the Brazilian rain forest to the steady loss of recycling options here in the U.S., we need to do more for the environment. With global warming becoming more of  a rising concern for the general public...

Astronomical selfishness

Astronomical selfishness

September 3, 2019

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