What’s up with the blue checkmark on Instagram?

SJCC students share opinions on the verification checkmark on Instagram


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The now-controversial blue checkmark is debated by students at San Jose City College.

Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Meta verified launched a subscription for verification in March of 2023. The subscription allows users to purchase a blue check mark by their name on Instagram, all for a fee of $14.99 a month.

Within 24 hours 44 million people bought the subscription, and Instagram made $660 million dollars instantly. Students on San Jose City College campus gave their opinions about the sudden outburst of the verification.

With social media on the rise, and billions of people active online constantly, it has become a virtual place of many opportunities. The blue check mark allows users to have a badge, proactive impersonation protection and quick access to customer service.

Back in June of 2009 Twitter was the first to launch the blue checkmark, along with Instagram starting in 2014. The blue checkmark was only made available to public figures and celebrities.

Some will agree that users bought the checkmark for spotlight reasons. “ For some people they like to get it for a celebrity impression or for some to think they have money,”said SJCC student Carol Enrequez, 22.

After the release of the subscription Meta stated,“Long term, we want to build a subscription offering that’s valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses and our community at large.”

Meta has expressed how subscriptions are becoming more popular, and want to promote authenticity and notability.

Since before March of 2023 the checkmark was only placed by people who were in the public eye originally. A good majority of people have mixed feelings about the blue checkmark and why they think people would buy it.

“The check mark was connected to famous people, so in our heads if we see this they’ll be more credible,” said SJCC marketing student Kameron Moniz.

“ I have a clothing brand about to come out, so I think it would be appropriate for business brands.” Analis Garcia, who studies Business said. IG: @luv.anaaa

The public verification on instagram has been a huge success so far, and continues to grow everyday. People may have different opinions on reacting to people getting the blue checkmark, but at the end of the day people should do what they like. Whether it’s to make someone feel better about themselves, not get catfished, promote your business, or even have the opportunity to be seen for a talent you have, you should just do whatever makes you feel accomplished or seen in this virtual world of endless opportunities.