City College Times

Spring 2020 Staff

Deanna Fulford

Sports Editor

My name is Deanna Fulford and my current major is Journalism. I love to read and write, but I also love shopping, watching Disney+ and Hulu. Something unusual about me is that I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works, I own...

Nhu Dang

Graphic Designer

Hi, everybody! My name is Nhu Dang, and I am a Times Staff member at San Jose City College Times. My major is graphic design, and I am the one who is in charge of creating graphics for articles.

Steve Hill

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Steve Hill. I have a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UCSC, and I would like to do graduate work in photojournalism. My interests are photography, music, natural history, habitat restoration and botany. I...

Junjie Qiu

Photo Editor

I am an international student from China. My major is AA Media Art. I like listen to music and paint. I also like to do some handwork and paper cutting. I'm a health guru, and I like to make chicken soup with traditional Chin...

Mila Le

Opinion Editor

My name is Mila Le. My major is journalism. My favorite media company is Vice, and one day I hope to work for them. When I'm not studying, I'm working, cooking at home, finding new music or writing poetry.

Forrest Canton


Forrest lives in San Jose, California, and graduated from Evergreen Valley High School in 2010. He is studying science at San Jose City College, and enjoys writing about computer technology.

Michael Negrete


This is my fourth and final semester working as a staff member for the City College Times. I entered the program as a journalism major and have since changed my major from journalism to communication studies. However, I remained...

Jayatri Bhattacharya


As a member of the newsroom, I was able to meet a talented group of people who were passionate about journalism and storytelling. I was able to work with them on a variety of projects that catered to the student body in a fast-paced environment....

Anton Vladimir


Hi, I'm Anton Vladimir, and my major is Political Science. My hobbies include reading literature set and/or written in the Middle Ages, studying foreign languages and examining the inner workings of human psychology in governance.

Melissa Schraml


As a Times staff member this has been a challenge. Since we moved to online classes I felt like it’s been a bit of a struggle to eliminate the at home distractions.This class feels like your typical office environment. I’m...

Vanessa Rojas


My name Vanessa, and I am majoring in Media Arts. My hobbies include photography and videography. I enjoy spending my time creatively and expressing myself through my camera. Being part of this class has been rewarding, and I...

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