State Chancellor’s office suspends tuition refund regulations during COVID-19 state of emergency

Reimbursements available to students who wish to withdraw from class


Courtesy of Augustas Cetkauskas |

San Jose City College moved all in-person classes to an online format March 16. Students who wish to withdraw are entitled to a refund of enrollment fees.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District students are entitled to a refund of enrollment fees during the coronavirus emergency.

State Chancellor of Community Colleges Eloy Ortiz Oakley issued an executive order on March 20 that temporarily suspended the Board of Governors regulations for student withdrawals from class during the pandemic.

“Due to the existing state of emergency, strict adherence to … title 5 of the California Code of Regulations … hereby temporarily suspended,” Oakley wrote.

San Jose Evergreen Community College district’s in-person classes moved to an online format on March 16 in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The online format is expected to continue until April 8 or until further notice.

“Districts may grant refunds of enrollment fees … without additional documentation provided to the chancellor’s office,” Oakley wrote.

The declaration from the chancellor’s office overrides any local SJECCD policies related to student withdrawals.

In another March 20 memo, Vice-Chancellor of Educational Services and Support Lizette Navarette wrote that students may withdraw without penalty.

“Colleges should not record a withdrawal (W) or grade on the transcript of a student who withdraws due to an epidemic or other extraordinary circumstances,” Navarette wrote. “Districts may choose to record … an EW.

An EW is a non-evaluative symbol that does not penalize a student academically.

San Jose City College students who wish to request a tuition refund may apply online at San Jose City College website, Follow the links to Admissions and Records.

Refunds may affect financial aid awards.