CODE: Debugging The Gender Gap


Alex Martinet


Silicon Valley is coming together to solve one of its biggest problems facing minorities and women. Evergreen Valley College, San Jose City College and the UCSC Alumni of Silicon Valley has partnered to sponsor a film screening of the documentary called CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. The film aims to inspire young woman who are interested in software engineering, while creating discuss about modern day tech work forces.

After the movie is over, a panel will be held shortly after diving into topics that the movie explored. Jim Brisimitzis, General Manager of U.S. Startups of Microsoft, and Toni Vanwinkle, Senior Director of Service Management of Adobe will be on the panel.

The event will take place at Microsoft’s Galileo Auditorium, Wednesday, May 11.  Tickets for the event will cost 15 dollars per person. For more information on the event visit or email: [email protected].