Happy holidays at the SJCC art fair

Student artists showcase their creative pieces


Photo by Mitchell Pierola

“Bigs” Ron Ferrari giving a shout-out to the sponsors of the collaborative holiday art event on Dec. 8.

Attendees of the collaborative on-campus holiday art fair looked intrigued while exploring different tables where local student artists put out their work at full display.

The event hosted on Dec. 8 was sponsored by ASG, the Media Club and The Creative Art Collective Club.

The event was going slow at first, but then picked up the pace.

According to one of the helpers at the event, there was an estimate of over 200 plates of food that needed to be served. While attendees waited for the food, the sponsors shared why they wanted to host the on-campus event.

Denim Sperisen, 20, a sophomore business management major, was the first to share.

Sperisen is part of ASG and is the Director of Student Engagement.

“We’re trying every year (to host this event),” Sperisen said. “We might aim to throw an event like this every holiday season.”

Sperisen said this idea of the event all started by collaborating with other clubs and groups communicating with each other.

“We’re trying to celebrate Christmas for kids who don’t have a family to go back home to because they’re international students,” Sperisen said.

Sperisen also brought up that he likes the idea of having an outlet for other people to come enjoy and make friends.

Before heading off, Sperisen stated, “Student government is like family. It’s like home, you don’t worry about coming in to seek help because we want students to have a better experience.”

“Bigs” Ron Ferrari, 30, a senior majoring in Alcohol and Drug studies gave a shout out to all the event sponsors through the microphone.

Ferrari, who is part of the Media Club, said he was pleased to notice that we were coming in for comments.

Right away it was mentioned by Ferrari that he is very proud of everybody who had a hand in this event because it was a lot of work.

Ferrari said he was pushing for the event to have a local restaurant,Jackie Place, for catering.

Ferrari then mentioned that the food almost never came during the day of the event, but he made sure everything got delivered, even if he personally would have had to pay upfront for everything and go out of his way.

Ferrari said he was determined because he noticed that pizza is too repetitive and he wanted attendees to be treated with a hot meal instead.

All 200 plates were eaten by the attendees at the event.

Isabelle DeGaetano, 25, a junior business entrepreneurship major, is the president of The Creative Art Collective Club.

DeGaetanosaid that she hopes to make this a more monthly thing for students to give art club and media club some feedback toward local student artists.

Tachiya Bryant, 25, a freshman graphic design major, stated,“ I just hope that we keep on doing this because right now we are in the beginning stages and I want to build upon this event to keep extending this opportunity towards students.”

Please visit the SJCC homepage to locate the Events calendar for more information for future events.