“Reek” too closed-minded a word to use

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Joeanna Lopez, Times Staff

Last issue we saw a letter to our editor titled, “Weed reeks!”

The author, Martin Lopes, was very upset over odor and gave examples of malodorous situations.

Let us clarify that the school paper is uncensored by the students for the students; we proudly live that right every day. We encourage students to share their opinions with us about anything and everything as we believe if it is on your mind, it may have crossed another student’s mind.

As of Jan. 1, marijuana is legal in California. It can now be purchased for recreational use.

The author of last month’s letter has rightfully upset others as the tone comes from a closed mind.

It is 2018, I think we should ourselves to be more accepting of people, places and concepts that are different than those of the views we hold. Smells included.

There is no denying the lingering smell resulting in anything that has been burnt. Flower leaves and buds included.

The plant really is so much more than just an odor-causing problem. In fact, it has been linked to the help of depression, anorexia nervosa, PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain and the management of terminal illnesses, amongst so much more.

Martin does something many of us wait too long to do and that is remove ourselves from a situation that makes us uncomfortable and or does nothing to serve our happiness.

As is true with most of the things we do not have much understanding on or any associated references within, we must know that we know nothing until we seek unbiased information.

Marijuana is still associated with many stigmas.

After setting up an appointment to speak with Kathleen Barzegar, a school RN, she was only able to clarify, “the Student Health Center here on campus has not come to a stance on medical marijuana and any health issues or benefits its use may or may not have.”

SJCC is a smoke-free campus and holds a zero tolerance policy.