What do the vending machines on SJCC campus offer?

Featuring an array of options, SJCC vending machines are aplenty


Photo by Mitchell Pierola

Vending machines located in the Student Center offering an abundant selection.

It has been announced during the beginning of the semester how SJCC will continue to operate their vending machines on campus.

It wasn’t until the middle of the fall semester of this year that all vending machines started to be stock and fully operating, but the locations of the vending machines aren’t at full display online through the SJCC website.

Fortunately, now you’ll be informed of what these vending machines offer on SJCC campus grounds.

To begin, please visit the SJCC website to locate the current updated campus map.

Use the map to locate the Business Building, also known as the B-Building.

In the past, there used to only be two vending machines that were offering cold drinks.

Now, it’s been replaced with one single Mefit Fresh and Healthy vending machine, which is located in front of the B-Building entrance.

Once you open the front door, you can’t miss it since the vending machine is immediately straight ahead.

Compared to the other vending machines, it appears that this individual one seems to exclusively have Peace Teas in stock.

If you go through the opposite side of the business building, there is a back entrance for you to enter or exit.

There’s another vending machine, but it’s not typically the kind of machine you’ll always expect.

If you find yourself in need of certain school materials, this exclusive vending machine only sells Bic’s Wite-Out, two types of Scantron for your test and Blue Books. That is all that the business building has to offer.

If you are passing by the B-building and you’re heading towards the M-Building, there is another vending machine along the hallway.

The M-building on the campus map will be identified as the Multi-Disciplinary building and is offering only non-spicy chips and other general selections of snacks.

This machine seems to have the drink Kerns fully in-stock because two sections are full and stocked with these drinks.

However, if you are looking for more diverse options for snacks, you may go on the campus map and locate the T-building, also known as the Technology Center.

As you enter right through the building, you may find two vending machines right across from the elevators.

Both of the vending machines are offering mainly drinks, chips and candy.

One of the vending machines is also offering protein shakes, whereas the others seem to exclusively have granola bars in stock.

Now, there are only three more vending machines left on campus at this time.

There are two vending machines that are located in the Cafeteria.

This location is great for those who don’t want to run from one machine to another just to get one specific item.

The vending machines are side-by-side in the dinning hall of the Cafeteria.

After reviewing all the other vending machines, this one offers a combination of everything mixed into two separate machines.

You can choose both spicy and non-spicy options of chips along with sodas, juices, teas, protein shakes among others.

You may locate the vending machine inside of the SC-building, better known as the Student Center.

If you are a student who’s looking for only cold drinks but with plenty of options to choose from, it is ideal to stop by the JC-building, which you can locate through the campus map.

Also known as the Jaguar Sports Complex,this building is known by many student athletes in SJCC, but this doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to enter the building.

If you are in need of protein shakes, juices, sodas, teas and sparkling drinks, you must visit this location to check out all the drinks they have to offer in the vending machine.