Placing a spotlight on women’s art

Students artistic contributions to Women’s History Month


Photo by Myriah Hicks-Howard

Art piece displayed at the “Women’s Art Gallery” titled “Traveler” by Michelle Gregor at San Jose City College on March 8 for Women’s History Month.

The kick-off party celebrating Women’s History Month at San Jose City College campus hosted by Renee Alvarez, the dean of academic success and student equity, was held on March 6.

The event was a lively gathering and featured a DJ mixing music, an artist and a photo-booth. Many attendees were interested in getting their portrait drawn, while others mingled with each other.

Apple Ko, who is from Burma, and studies computer science expressed why Women’s History Month is so important to her.

“In my country, women are expected to be polite, gentle, friendly, [and] kind all the time, to the point where we don’t know how to express our own anger anymore, and I think that’s very dangerous, ” Ko said.

Laura Ramos, who studies business administration, also spoke on what it means to be a woman.

“To be a woman means I can do what I put my mind to, and also have a chance to bring life into the world, and to do what men can do, and more,” Ramos said.

As SJCC moves forward in its celebration of Women’s History Month this year, another event kicked off for the opening of the Women’s Art Gallery located in the art gallery on campus.

At this similarly themed event, students and faculty gathered around and admired the art pieces made by women artists from SJCC and Evergreen Valley College.

A picture booth with a vibrant pink backdrop and colorfully worded tiles that read “Embrace Equity” was a highlight of the event, offering attendees an opportunity to interact with the art at the event.

The art was displayed in the gallery were different pieces with various perspectives. Some canvases placed on the walls showcased women of different cultures, while others had some elements of close-ups of designs, landscapes and butterfly wings. Dr. Rowena Tomaneng, president of SJCC, attended the gallery and spoke about what Women’s History Month means to her.

“Women’s History Month, like other heritage and history month celebrations, makes visible the many and rich contributions that women (a category that itself encompasses diverse groups) have made to enrich and strengthen our local, national, and international communities,” Tomaneng said.

Artist Michelle Gregor, who created the event, showcased a ceramic model of a woman in the piece “Traveler”.

“Traveler” is a full body art piece of a woman who sits in place with a backpack. The piece has some bright colors of red, oranges and some hints of blue, while on the bottom are fireclay, built upon a kiln shelf as a canvas.

“In my work I like to show women that are comfortable, strong, sensitive and beautiful, and I try to express that in my work,” Gregor expressed.