Inside look at the Fresh Jaguar Market

Two staff workers share their experiences of working at the Jaguar Market


Photo by Mitchell Pierola/Times Staff

Ally Depre and Lareina Solis at the Fresh Jaguar Market.

Ally Depre, who used to live in Georgetown, Texas moved to San Jose last year to finish high school.

As a first year student attending SJCC, Depre heard about the Fresh Jaguar Market during high school. Now that she is a college student, Depre’s interest in contributing has grown.

Alongside Depre, Lareina Solis is currently a sophomore at SJCC and has been active for over two years as an employee of the Fresh Jaguar Market.

Depre and Solis are co-workers, but they also are personally close friends and roommates.

Dupre and Solis both knew each other before college and now have one full year of working experience alongside each other.

Dupre and Solis will both be asked questions and answered based on their own experiences on how has the Jaguar Market been keeping up?

Solis and Dupre were asked what kind of impacts have they noticed that the Jaguar Market provided during the time they’ve worked.

“I noticed how students in need are happier and they express that they really need the groceries,” said Solis, 19, of the impact of the Jaguar Market. “The service we provide them helps them out every week.”

Depre mentioned that her experience at the Jaguar Market is nice because of the impact it has on large families that can’t afford to buy groceries.

“I would definitely recommend students who haven’t seen the Jaguar Market or incoming freshmen next year to come,”saidDepre, 18, a freshman Health Care Administration major.

If any SJCC student desires to receive items from the market they must take a couple of minutes to fill out a survey.

“Once completed, you can be assured that for the rest of the time that you’re at SJCC you’ll get free groceries every week and a daily snack every day,”Depre said.

Both Solis and Depre encourage anybody to come to the market.

Additionally, Depre said working at the Jaguar Market has sharpened her communication skills.

Depre shared that customer service is very important when working at the Jaguar Market.

Solis claimed that she noticed how students in need are emotionally expressive due to their lack of essential necessities.

The Jaguar Market provides services and helps out students every week and have many dedicated sources.

As of recently, local Target’s and Safeways are newly starting to donate to theJaguar Market.

If students find themselves in need of meat, produce or snacks, don’t forget to visit The Fresh Jaguar Market during operating hours. It is located in the Student Center at Room SC-216F.