Here’s how to pack

Krissy Tobey, Times Staff

  • Boxes can come from anywhere – check your friends and neighbors before you purchase any.
  • Bubble wrap may be necessary, but towels and clothing usually work just as well.
  • As soon as possible, put non-necessary items in boxes, e.g., picture frames, sports equipment, books, memorabilia.
  • Label boxes both on the lid and on the box with a sharpie.
  • Use a packing tape gun; it’s quick and easy to share, but be careful because it also likes to bite over-zealous fingers.
  • Protect all breakables like plates and vases with cushioning. Stuff the inside of hollow items.
  • Do not leave anything loose; keep jewelry and silverware enclosed in Tupperware or Ziplocks.
  • It is more important to have all space in a box filled than it is to fill it with only one type of item.
  • Check the ground between the van and the door, and use a dolly for the boxes if conditions allow.
  • Load items into moving van with the least important and smaller things in the back.