Valentine’s Day around the world

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Days of love are not exclusive to the United States. Other parts of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day too, but some differently.

The Philippines:

Their celebration is much like the United States, with an emphasis on the red roses. A popular day for Filipinos to get married, it is called Araw ng mga Puso.

Sweden: This Scandinavian country is not very excited about the day. Named Alla Hjärtans Dag, and roughly half of them celebrate it by buying gifts for their significant others.

China: China Celebrates and observe White Day, which, while culturally distinct, is essentially a reverse Valentine’s Day, where women give men gifts. They also celebrate the Qixi Festival, which has traditions such as going to a shrine, burning paper offerings, and it has significance to newlywed couples. Celebrating is a symbol of a happy marriage.

Saudi Arabia: As a Majority Muslim country, the Government does not favor the day. In 2008, it banned red things around the holiday. It doesn’t seem to be a staple in Islamic culture, but individuals do celebrate it, and in recent years the religious police in the country have not interfered.

Mexico: It does not only celebrate love but also friendship. It is not necessary to be in a relationship to be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day. People gift their significant others and their closest friends and families.

France: In France, Valentine’s Day is reserved only for people in love. Unlike countries like the US and Mexico, Valentine’s Day does not celebrate friendship. The rest is very similar; gifts, cards, chocolates and presents.