SJCC trip to japan

Spearheaded by the San Jose City College Nihon-Kai Club, a trip to japan is being prepared during the winter intersession in early 2019.

the trip is January 12 through January 21, and the cost is $ 3,900 dollars total, with financial help available to select people. The trip is open to the general public, but there are some caveats:  Admission and requirements.

To go on the trip, one must submit an application to [email protected], as well as enroll into a class, 098 directed studies. In addition to that, to be eligible, one must have taken one of the following classes OR their equivalent: A Japanese language course, Geography 10, Geography 11, Global studies 1, Global studies 2, Global studies 7, anthropology 63, History 11B, or philosophy 51 or philosophy 70.

If one meet the requirements, also make sure they have a valid passport, as they can expect to travel out of the country.

In Japan, the group will visit places like Tokyo and Osaka, and have the chance to experience the culture of japan,  which includes things like visiting the temples of the area or watching kabuki theaters.