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Harry Potter’s magic world has come back


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Fantastic Beasts
and Where to Find
Them’ is a worth
watching movie

Many Potter-heads (fans of
Harry Potter) are looking forward
to the new movie of Harry Potter
series called Fantastic Beats and
where to find them.
The movie is about the beats
which exist in the magic world,
and the adventures of writer
Newt Scamander in New York’s
secret community of witches and
J.K.Rowling is the writer of the
book, the film and the original
series. She promotes the themes
of love which is love for friends,
animals and nature.
The movie and the series share
the same conflict as well, the dark
power, justice and authority. Funny
thing is in American witches
and wizards refer people born
with no magic power as No-Maj
instead Muggle.
The movie stated with the
Hedwig’s song, which every Harry
Potter lovers knows. When the
song came out, the whole cinema
got excited with applause.
According to the movie, Newt
Scamander is the writer of Harry
Potter’s textbook. He keeps looks
for magical creatures and protects
them. All the creatures he finds
live in his suitcase which was
used an extension spell to take
with him.
The lead female character, Tina
Goldstein is a hard-nosed investigator
of criminal black magic
who’s recently been demoted to
wand registration. Her minder
reading sister Queenie rescues
Goldstein and Newt in an extreme
situation. A No-Maj named
Jacob Kowalski accidently joins
the squat by having the same
look suitcase with Newt and
take the wrong one, under this
condition he lets some fantastic
beats escape. Thus the team made
of four people starts chasing after
One interesting involves in the
movie, J.K.Rowling expressed
her opinion of against racism in
her book and movies; in the stage
show she picked a great black
actress Noma Dumezweni to act
Hermione Granger. Although part
of audience said they prefer white
female actress Emma Watson,
she backed Noma Dumezweni
J.K.Rowling wrote in the book
said witches and wizards are now
better than normal people and she
encouraged witches and wizards
to marry muggles. In Fantastic
beats movie, she let beautiful
Queenie fall in love with Kowalski
who is a No-Maj.
The tone towards the end of the
movie turns to be dark. A magic
minsitror Percival Graves is looking
for a dark magic power carrier
while pretending to be a strict
officer. The dark magic carrier is
Credence Barebone, a boy who is
adopted by Mary Lou. Mary Lou
is a anti magic person. Percival
Graves tries to find out who has
the dark power through him, but
turns out Credence Barebone is
the carrier. After all the negative
feeling, his dark power bursts and
almost destroys New York, Newt
and Tina wants to rescue him but
failed. Percival Graves shows his
true identity – Grindelwald, one
of the most evil wizards in the
Credence Barebone is the most
pathetic character in the movie,
his death means evil can never
beat justice. However, if his power
can be used and managed well,
he can be an important person for
the entire magic world.
After almost ten years from
the last Harry Potter book was
released and five years from
the last movie, Fantastic beats
and Where to Find Them brings
back the amazing memory of all
Potter-heads. It is a really worth
watching movie that can earn 9.5
out of 10.

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Harry Potter’s magic world has come back