Dancers are back in theater at SJCC

Courtesy of Fred Zeid/Contributor
Dancers are in sync during the Spring 2023 dance performance at SJCC theater from May 11-13.

There was a spring dance concert at San Jose City College in the dance theater on May 11- 13, performed by the SJCCDance Program. The title of the dance program was “Push Pull Release”.

Admission to the program was between $5-$10 dollars, and tickets were available at the door.SJCC students had free entry. Interested students can earn an Associate’s degree in Dance, or a Dance Teaching Certificate, according to SJCC Dance Program Director Amber McCall.

The concert was at the SJCC Theater, featuring 10 unique dances with different titles. themes, choreographers, dancers, lighting and music during a live show. Around 50 people were in attendance, with many family and friends offering support.

There was high energy by the performers, who would often move across the stage to the music and in coordination with the lights.

All the dancers dressed beautifully to match the theme music to help deliver the right ideas to the open door public at this Push Pull Release dance performance show concert which is located inside the theater department building at SJCC.

Joe Bandy led the videography and photography effort during the show.

The program started with songs like Beach Time, Flower Children, A Summer’s Day, Our World, Hope Restored, A Woman Like Me, Melody of Serenity and Uptown Funk, which brought high energy.

One of the most sensitive performances is Our World. It addressed some of the many challenges our college students face these days like dancers, student debt, physical and mental health, transportation, navigating the system, and some more.

The Spring Dance Concert 2023 marketing flier was created by Zoe Gregory, with the design by Obrin!.

SJCC students that would like to perform in the Fall Dance Concert, would perform November 16 – 18. Students will be creating works on dancers enrolled in Dancers’ Workshop: (Dance 13A- Lg Group or Dance13B Sm Group), according to the SJCC Dance Program.

SJCC Dance Program is looking forward to the new class and performing opportunities where students can enroll in the new Fall 2023 Dance Team, beginning now through July.

The Fall 2023 Dance Class Schedule falls under Modern on Monday and Wednesday, 9:15 – 10:35 AM, with Amber McCall, Jazz Dance on Monday and Wednesday, 12:15 – 1:35 PM, with Carol Abohatab, Ballet on Tuesday and Thursday, 915 – 10:35 AM, with Amber McCall, and Tap Dance on Tuesday and Thursday, 12:15 – 1:20 pm, with Amber McCall.

You can learn more about the history and culture of dance in the Dance 02 Dance Appreciation, a course taken online or in person at T building from 6:15 – 7:45 PM. For more info about the Dance Team, please contact Carol Abohatab [email protected]. For more info about Dance at SJCC, please contact Amber McCall [email protected].