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College stress graphic

College stress graphic

March 16, 2020

American public disagrees with Trump foreign policy

Anton Vladimir, Times Staff

February 17, 2020

“Iran will never have a nuclear weapon,” tweeted President Trump Jan. 6, desperate to prove his strength. Americans have long been conditioned to believe that they are the good guys, taking guns away from the enemies and...

Classes that I found interesting at SJCC

Forrest Canton, Times Staff

February 1, 2020

Astronomy, ASTRO 010, taken in the Fall 2015 semester at SJCC, was fun because it allowed me to study about scientific information I liked such as outer space, the moon and sun. Scientists work together in order to discover...

Reasons why President Trump has ruined America

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

December 10, 2019

America is currently being run by someone who was accused by 25 different women of sexual misconduct, according to the Business Insider website. As a survivor of sexual assault I’m absolutely disgusted that I live in a country...

Faces in the Crowd – Sept. 4

September 6, 2012

[media-credit id=55 align="alignleft" width="600"][/media-credit] ...

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