Top 10 movies to stream right now


Jayatri Bhattacharya, Times Staff

SJCC Students can stream these movies during the coronavirus quarantine.

Here are 10 picks of movies that are streaming, each pick on this list will be based on my own critically acclaimed films and not something your film professor or critics would normally nominate.

10. “The Dirt” – 2019

Streaming service: Netflix

“The Dirt” Is a Netflix production film about a band named Mötley Crüe. Their journey will take you on a trip and define what it is like to absolutely be reckless.

Based on a true story, their experiences and background stories will give you a clue of how much someone can push limits without facing consequences.

Although everything may look like fun and games, you’ll never know when things may fall apart.

The Mötley Crüe band is the definition of rebelliousness. I’ve never watched a more honest film that shows such bold behavior.

I’ll recommend this movie to those audiences willing to prepare themselves for the incoming amount of crazy and inappropriate scenes. I’ll advise that this movie does contain a lot of nudity and paraphernalia.

9. “A night at the Roxbury” – 1998

Budget: $17 Million

Box office: $30.3 Million

Streaming services: Netflix/Amazon Prime Video

Actors:Chris Kattan (Doug Butabi) and Will Ferrel (Steve Butabi)

I’ll be the first to admit that the beginning of this movie was oddly shocking and a bit uncomfortable, to say the least. Regardless of the two protagonists being oddballs, at times their bright individuals but almost everyone else would find them to be either dumb or unattractive.

Their lifestyle consists of living with their parents and taking their father’s car out to go clubbing every night. Simply if the nightclubs are closed then the Butabi brothers are straight up going extinct.

The ultimate goal is to bypass the club bouncer in order to go inside the one and only famous Roxbury Nightclub.

Despite Steve and Doug Adulthood, at the end of the day, these brothers are just two fellas trying to have a good time. The journey happens to lead them deeper into where they would never imagine.

Although the beginning may not be promising, it actually starts to get progressively better toward the middle and end.

I’ll highly recommend “A Night at the Roxbury” to those audiences who are patient enough to tolerate such hysterical sense of humor.

8. “The Pursuit of Happiness” – 2006

Budget: $55 Million

Box office: $307.1 Million

Streaming services: Netflix/Amazon Prime Video

Actors: Will Smith ( Christopher Gardner) and Jaden Smith (Christopher)

Will and Jaden Smith are a sentimental father and son duo as they act their way throughout their journey with many obstacles such as Will being unemployed and eventually homeless because of a poor investment with money.

This ultimately led to the protagonist Christopher Gardner to be a single parent. With little Christopher being too young to work, they had no other option but to try and make a living.

The role of being a single parent in this movie shows how much of a challenge it is to create a balance between your work environment and spending time with your own kids.

Very inspiring to watch how Christopher Gardner managed to improvise and maneuver around the obstacles throughout his path to success.

Highly Recommended to those audiences who want to motivate themselves and put smiles on their faces.

7.“Q ball” – 2019

Streaming services: Netflix, Fox Now, FuboTv

“Q ball” is a documentary about a prison basketball team named the San Quentin Warriors.
As you may have guessed, this happens to take place in California at the San Quentin State prison.

Each of the prisoners have personal stories of their own to share and a deep perspective of how this whole prison basketball organization led to ethically shape their lives.

Although some of the prisoners may come off as imitating their passion and ambitions into the game of basketball erases all of those negative thoughts.

It is a learning experience to see how these types of prison sports leagues shape and play a role for prisoners.

“Q ball” is recommended to be suitable for all audiences and especially to those who want to see from a different perspective on the prison system.

6. “Beats” – 2019

Steaming Service: Netflix

Actor: Khailil Everage (August Monroe)

“Beats” is a Netflix production/exclusive film about a young, talented beat producer who grew up on the south side of Chicago.

Growing up in an unfriendly neighborhood may lead to consequences based on your actions, but it is how you make the most out of every bad situation that matters.

Protagonist August Monroe showed just how when others think you are living a poor lifestyle when you are at your worst, there are always going to be times when you will flourish and then blossom.

Although some parts of this movie may be questionable, it is only right to have an open mind open on how much mental health can play a role in everyone’s lives.

I’ll strongly recommend “Beats” to those audiences who enjoy listening or producing music/beats.
This movie is suitable for all audiences since there is only a little bit of exposure to paraphernalia and violence.

5. ”Hot Rod” – 2007

Budget: $25 Million

Box office: $14.3 Million

Streaming services: Netflix/Crackle

Actor: Andy Samberg (Rod Kimble)v

Film Star Andy Samberg plays the role of a self-proclaimed stunt man who goes by the name of Rod Kimble. Rod has a stepfather named Frank who continuously degrades and mocks him, but it is all up to Rod to go make enough money through his stunts in order to save his stepfather.

This sets off the journey for Rod’s stunt crew to go train and prepare Rod for the ultimate stunt that consists of jumping over 15 busses.

Although this movie did not produce big box office returns, Hot Rod would go on to be one of the silliest American Comedy films on my list.

Despite some of the criticism the movie received, mainly because the characters in this film may come off as delusional, this movie would not have been the same if the stunt crew were not being persistent to overcome resistance.

I’ll recommend this American comedy film to those audiences with a quirky sense of humor. This movie is not suitable for everyone\; it will either be a hit or miss.

4. “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” – 1986

Budget: $5.8 Million

Box Office: $70.1 Million

Streaming services: Hulu/Netflix

Actor: Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller)

Ferris Bueller is a high school student that everyone cannot seem to dislike. His personality and charm helps him get whatever he wants.

In this case he is making the attempt to skip class for one last time before graduation. Ferris has over seven absences\; therefore, he better make this last absence worth his time and effort or else he will have to attend summer school.

Taking place in Illinois, Ferris convinces his parents that he is ill. The one-day journey led him to persuade his friend to let him borrow his dad’s Ferrari to having the time of their lives exploring the city of Chicago.

The principal from Bueller’s High school does not seem to be pleased about his absence so he goes out on a man hunt to catch Ferris in the act of ditching school.

This movie reminded me how it is sometimes OK to feel bad for the bad guys because sometimes they learned their lessons too quickly that they do not even know what hit them.

I’ll recommend that you should watch Ferris Buller’s Day Off with families and friends to get a good laugh.
I’ll also advise that this movie is the most audience friendly on this list.

3. “Beasts of No Nation” – 2015

Budget: $6 Million

Box Office $90.7 Thousand

Streaming service: Netflix

Actor: Abraham Attah (Agu)

“Beasts of No Nation” has to be one of the most shocking films on my list. Taking place in the jungles of Ghana. Agu is a young boy trying to survive with his family during a civil war throughout Africa.

Eventually Agu was separated from his family due to invasions from rebels. This led to him getting recruited from Guerilla soldiers which consist of an army full of young men and children.

This film is based on a true story and the authenticity sent shivers down my spine. I’ve never watched a film that felt so realistic.

Viewer discretion is advised. This movie has lots of violence and paraphernalia. Some may find certain scenes within the movie very disturbing.

I highly recommend this movie for those audiences that are willing to see the hard side of life. This is a movie you will wanna be analytical about because you will need to understand how much a child can be influenced by their own environment and people.

2. “Click” – 2006

Budget: $70 million

Box Office $240.7 million

Streaming service: Netflix

Actor: Adam Sandler (Michael Newman)

Adam Sandler plays the role of a white-collar father named Michael Newman. He shows throughout the movie how anybody could have it all and still be taken away by their ambitions.

Newman is a hard-working architect who wants to provide his wife and kid with the best lives possible. Newman will learn sooner or later that there are consequences for his actions.

This movie is very impactful with its message. Lessons that everyone could learn from. The message could possibly connect to audiences towards situations in real life.

“Click” is a well-balanced film. It is dramatic, funny, sad but will leave your heart warm at the same time. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. “The Shawshank Redemption” – 1994

Budget: $25 Million

Box office: $58.3 Million

Streaming Service: Netflix

Actor: Tim Robbins (Andy Dufresne)

Another film based on a true story, “Shawshank Redemption” is a prison film that will show what it is like to be institutionalized.

Protagonist Andy Dufresne is serving over two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his wife and the man she was cheating with. He was charged for this crime that he never committed.

Andy goes on throughout his prison life making friends, learning about the jail system and finding ways to bypass loopholes along his path.

This is one of those movies that will teach you how being in prison for a long period of time eventually becomes a normal lifestyle for some of these inmates.

Shawshank redemption is highly recommended for those who haven’t heard about this film. I can’t stress enough to advise that certain scenes within the movie may be too much for those viewers who are not prone to violence.

Some may find at least one of these movies on the list to be either entertaining or inspirational.

Each movie shows people’s experiences, different perspectives and how sometimes even the goofiest people on earth can thrive regardless of their circumstances.