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Campus hosts blood drive

Marc Brodeur

April 22, 2014

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The Stanford Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive at San Jose City College on April 22 and 23. The blood drive will be held in the Cyber Cafe of the Student Center from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Donations will take about...

Campus community seeks solution to lack of police

Tyler Bar-Ness

April 22, 2014

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Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Doug Smith hosted a public forum in the Student Center on April 10 to discuss campus police staffing issues and future long-term goals. Administration is currently searching for a...

State of planet drives away aliens

Tyler Bar-Ness

April 2, 2014

Filed under News, Opinion

The world is abuzz over the first contact made with alien life from beyond Earth's atmosphere. People of the world were shocked by the news that humanity is considered too troublesome to join the interstellar community. “Y...

Basketball season ends

Zach Tatar

March 20, 2014

Filed under Briefs, Sports

Playoffs come and go The San Jose City College men’s basketball season came to an end Friday, Feb. 28 after the team traveled north to Butte College and lost 77-65. "It didn't come out as expected," Coach Percy Carr said. ...

Veterans getting a new home on campus

Tyler Bar-Ness

February 25, 2014

Filed under Campus Life, News

Veterans will have a place to call their own at San Jose City College after March 12 when the new Veterans Resource Center will start operating the Student Center. Mic Taylor, vice president of the Veteran’s Resource Center e...

Enrollment numbers drop

Taylor Atkinson

February 20, 2014

Filed under News

San Jose City College has experienced a significant decrease in enrollment over the past five years. Duncan Graham, vice president of academic affairs said classes are only 55 percent full, down from 90 percent in 2009. “The...

Citizenry cries out

Citizenry cries out

October 31, 2013

Update: Student falls on campus

William Boenisch

October 28, 2013

Filed under Briefs, Campus Life, News

A student fell and had a seizure  in the Business Department building on Oct. 3. San Jose City College President Byron Breland said the student lost his balance and fell down a stairwell in the building. It is unknown if th...

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