Featured Jag: Jayme Gonzalez

Steven Canalez

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Name: Jayme Gonzalez

Age: 19

Major: Undeclared

Sport: Track and field

Thrower Jayme Gonzalez is regarded by David Flynn, head coach of the track and field team, as their “best all-around thrower.”

Gonzalez, sophomore, 19, graduated from Santa Teresa High School, where she qualified for the Central Coast Section Championships. The CCS Championships are annual championships for high school sports where schools from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Monterey Bay Area compete against each other.

Gonzalez began participating in track and field in eighth grade but did not start throwing until her sophomore year of high school.

“A lot of people think it comes from your upper body,” Gonzalez said. “A lot actually comes from your legs.”

Gonzalez said her biggest role model was her throwing coach, Coach McKee.

“He was a thrower, himself,” Gonzalez said. “Everything we do, he’s done.”

Gonzalez said her biggest accomplishment in high school was making it to the CCS Championships, and her goal for the rest of this season is to beat her personal bests.

She is an avid reader a loves to draw. Gonzalez listens to all genres of music, but her favorite is country.

She enjoys Mexican food and her favorite dish is tacos. Her preferred subject in school is math and her favorite color is purple.

Gonzalez said she hopes to pursue track and field for as long as possible.

“Maybe I’d study sports medicine or become a coach,” Gonzalez said, “something to stay with the sport.”