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Fighting, winning and loving it

Taylor Atkinson

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Student athlete training to maintain undefeated status

Standing just above 5 feet 8” tall, undefeated boxing champion Andy Vences, 22, is a dedicated athlete working toward his goal of becoming a professional boxer.

Looking to put San Jose on the map, Vences was happy to take a break from his hectic training schedule to talk a little about himself over a cup of coffee.

Q: How did you get started in boxing?

A: My dad put me in gymnastics when I was a kid and then he put me in soccer. I never scored a goal so he put me in martial arts where I practiced for three years. I really liked it, but I wasn’t flexible enough and you have to be really flexible in order to succeed. I don’t like stretching, but I liked the fighting. My first fight was actually in fifth grade at school and I started getting into trouble. My dad told me if he didn’t see improvement in two months then he would take me out. Ever since I had my first amateur fight he’s let me do it.

Q: What motivates you?

A: I wouldn’t say something motivates me; I just have really good work ethic. Fighting is something I really enjoy doing and it’s my passion. When I wake up in the morning and I’m really sore, I ask myself if I want to get better or if I want to stay the same. There are some days when my body doesn’t respond, but I still end up going to the gym later. I don’t want to spend the rest of the day mad at myself because I didn’t go. I’m just mad that I didn’t go in the morning.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: I look up to a lot of people. I look up to my dad because he taught himself how to do martial arts in Mexico and ended up competing in a huge tournament when he came to the United States. He got second place. I look up to my coaches too and their accomplishments. I think my coach was a five-time kickboxing champion. When I was little, I looked up to Oscar De La Hoya. He went to the Olympics then he went pro, and his overall character inspired me.

Q: Why didn’t you attend school last semester?

A: I was going for English 1B, but I had to pull out because I had so many fights coming up and I was busy. I’m going back spring semester for electrician school. I’m planning to take one class a semester until I complete the electrician course so then I have something just in case boxing doesn’t work out.

Q: What are your goals with boxing?

A: I want to eventually get a championship in 130 pounds, 135 pounds and 140 pounds. If I were to get a World Boxing Council belt in those weight classes that would pretty much complete my goals in boxing. The WBC is the world championship belt, and it’s worth the most so not just anybody gets that belt; you actually have to fight someone really good.

Q: What drives you, and what keeps you going?

A: I love fighting. And I like the adrenaline. You kind of get hooked on that rush and that’s what keeps me going.

Q: Are you still undefeated?

A: I’m still undefeated. I have six fights under my belt and two of those were by knockout. My next fight is Monday, Feb. 17 in Salinas, and it might be televised on Fox Sports Network 1. I’m kind of like a swing bout, which means if the main event and the co-main event end by a knockout there will be a gap of time that needs to be filled. If they put me in then I’ll be in that gap.

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Fighting, winning and loving it