Jaguars fumble the first game of the season

Robert Lee

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Jaguars defense tries to hold off De Anza Dons from yet another touchdown

The Jags kicked off the season against the hard hitting De Anza Dons at Saturday night’s home game.

The Dons were first to receive the ball and immediately drove down field for a touchdown to make it 7-0.

In the second quarter, the ball was snapped well over the punter’s head, and the Jaguars were able to recover the ball in the end-zone for a safety, making the score 7-2 at the half.

The Jaguars have extreme levels of potential, yet in the second half they completely imploded onto themselves.

They have some real talent on the field which was obvious to anyone watching, there were just too many crucial errors that lead to turnovers and ultimately to De Anza touchdowns.

Jaguar’s defense could not stop De Anza from constantly driving the ball from one end of the field to the next.

Quarterback Brodrick Thomas fumbled once for a turnover and threw 3 interceptions, which was inexcusable. The combination of those costly mistakes allowed the Dons to smash the Jags into submission for a 30-9 victory.

However that is no reason for the Jags to be discouraged, after all it was only the first game.

This gives the team a chance to learn from their mistakes and gives the coaches an idea of the areas in need of improvement.

Head Coach Conner had this to say about his Jaguars, “We are our own worst enemy and obviously need to eliminate mistakes. The challenge lies in the weeks ahead but I’m excited and have full confidence in our young, new team.”