Jaguars shut out for second time

Patrick Loera

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By Maria Laura Miramon/Times Staff           Chris Woods and Marisa Ruiz are announced as Homecoming King and Queen at the game Nov. 27.















A homecoming king and queen were named, sophomores were honored and the San Jose City College football team failed to put points on the board during its homecoming loss to Hartnell College 31-0 on Nov. 27 in Jaguars Stadium.

Many of the SJCC sophomores were excited and anxious to play before the game as this was the last home game of the season and their last game as Jaguars. In total, there are 22 sophomores that will not be returning as Jaguars next season, so this was their last chance to make a big play in front of the SJCC crowd.

The initial excitement quickly died after Hartnell ran it in for a touchdown within the first five minutes of the game. Every Jaguars attempt was befuddled by a persistent Hartnell defense, and they only managed to produce five first downs on offense.

After three touchdowns and a field goal, SJCC had an uphill battle in front of them for the remainder of the game as Hartnell had the advantage 24-0 at halftime.

Through a difficult first half of football for SJCC fans to watch, the SJCC Associated Student Government provided a more pleasing view by crowning two SJCC students as homecoming king and queen. A courteous applause was given by a disproportionate and seemingly unmotivated crowd.

The Jaguars then entered the final half of the game with a reestablished enthusiasm on defense, causing Hartnell to turn the ball over several times in the third quarter. Although the Jaguars were able to deny Hartnell third-quarter points, they also were unable to score going into the fourth.

SJCC was not able to resist the constant pressure from Hartnell and finally allowed them to score one last time in the final minute to win the game 31-0, which is the Jaguars’ second time getting shutout this season.

The final game statistics showed that SJCC only accumulated 57 yards passing and 94 yards rushing against Hartnell’s 222 yards passing and 180 yards rushing.