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Patrick Loera

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Preseason Hoops Begin in November

The San Jose City College men’s basketball team will begin the preseason by hosting the Tip-Off Basketball Tournament. This three-day tournament begins on Friday, Nov. 9 at 5 p.m.

The first game of the tournament will be the potential 800th win for Speed City, the men’s basketball team.

The freshman-dominated women’s basketball team will begin its preseason on the road at the Merced College Basketball Tournament on Nov. 15.

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Cross Country Team is Going the Distance

Two Jaguars cross country team long distance runners qualified for the Northern California State Championships, which took place on Nov. 3.

They qualified at the Coast Conference Championships at the Crystal Springs Trail in Belmont, Calif., on Oct. 22.

Cm April finished the meet with a time of 23.22 minutes and carried a 5.34 pace per mile during the 4.2 mile course.

Kristina Vasquez finished the 3.1 mile course at Crystal Springs in 22.01 minutes with 7.07 minute pace per mile.