Meet the Jaguar Athletes

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Compiled by Analicia Najera and Dutches Richards



Frank Valdez

Event: Sprinter

Age: 22

Major: Communications

Frank Valdez is in his first season as a sprinter with SJCC track. Valdez said he has been improving on his speed and is getting stronger throughout practices.

He described his coach Adolph Joesph Bush Jr. as a positive and funny man that tries to help him succeed.

After graduating from Los Banos High School, Valdez made the SJCC football team last season as a running back.

He became interested in joining track this year because he has speed and wanted to try it.

His goal for the season is to do well at meets and achieve good timing.

After SJCC, Valdez said he plans on attending Stanford for either track or football.

His biggest influence on his life is God because he got him to where he is today, and also his aunt, who passed away last year, because she was a supportive, mother figure when she took care of him at 10 years old.




Viet Duong

Events: Hammer, discus, javelin, shotput

Age: 20

Major: Undecided

Viet Duong is beginning his first season with SJCC track by competing in all throwing events.

Duong said he has been improving overall in his motion, speed and power.

Duong became interested in track because he thought it would take up time and keep him healthy, but now he said he loves the competition.

He started in the seventh grade with the 100-yard dash and continued at Milpitas High School.

His goal for the season is to make it to state along with his teammates.

After SJCC, Duong said he plans on attending San Jose State University, but if he gets offered something, he will go to wherever it takes him.

The athletic accomplishment he is most proud of is when he received a football MVP award for defense in high school, and another accomplishment he is proud of is when he received “athlete of the year” after playing football in high school for four years.