Jags win again

SJCC men’s basketball plays Yuba College ending with a score of 83-76

SJCC men’s basketball plays Yuba College ending with a score of 83-76 on Dec. 8.

Despite disagreeable referee calls and big opponents in the paint, the San Jose City Jaguars overcame many adversities in their win against Yuba College on Dec. 8.

“I was not messing with the Refs today,” Freshman Guard Kendrick Holland, jersey number one, said.

Whether unfair, or valid, the referee’s calls of tonight’s game were not liked by the Jaguars. Calls such as traveling, illegal blocking and personal fouls were blown from the whistles back-to-back, seeming to not be in the favor of the home team.

No matter the hardships the Jags faced they put their differences with the refs aside focusing on what they could control rather than dwelling on what they couldn’t focusing on their strategic game play.

“Execute, execute, execute, execute,” Sophomore Forward Jerry Jackson, jersey number 24, said.

As a result of their strong game plan, the Jaguars never deviated, knowing exactly how to handle those multitude of errors they encountered in the first period.

The young men ended the first period with a twelve point lead, never letting up continuing that intense momentum till the last buzzer on the clock.

With 16 games remaining, the Jaguars are still in the early stages of their season with an overall record of nine to three. They continue to take each game one at a time while keeping an eye on the ultimate prize and goal of increasing their conference standing.

“We were underdogs. Now we are the big dogs,” Jackson said.