San Jose City College softball team achieves success on and off the field

Lady Jags on their way to success


Iber Moreno

The Softball Team at SJCC campus

SJCC Lady Jags softball team are heading to the playoffs after a 32-5 winning season. 

First base and outfield  coach Terrell Jones said the regular season was great for the Lady Jags. 

“It all starts in the fall. We start with fall ball and strength and conditioning and getting the skill down, and they buy into the program,” Jones said. “They work hard for each other like a family; and not only on the field, but off the field as well.”

Jones said he aimed at going to state from the beginning.

“The goal is to get through the playoffs and win the first two games and go to state,” Jones said.

 Jones also praised coach Debbie Rooney’s 850th career win.

“Coach (Rooney) is such a great person, and she cares about everyone. But to see her be that successful is amazing,” Jones said. “A lot of people don’t know that in junior college history, coach is No. 1 when it comes to females as far as winning streaks go. She’s also never had a losing season since she’s been here.”

Jones admired players for their success in academics.

“One of the things that coach preaches since she first got here was classroom first, softball second,” Jones said. ”Softball can take you far in life but education can take you even farther in life. If you become successful in the classroom, then you’ll become successful in the future.”

First-year player Lareina Solis is excited about the team’s success and its great record. 

“It means a lot to us that since August we put in the work, the amount of hours into it, and it shows,” Solis said. “Our work ethic is the biggest reason (we have had success) but also staying together as a family and being there for one another when someone is struggling.”

Solis has personal goals as well. 

“My goal is to get all conference and to better myself every day and for sure get a walk off run to win the game,” Solis said.

She refers to Rooney’s 850th career win as a big achievement. 

“Our team goal in the playoffs is to take it one game at a time and hopefully go to Bakersfield and win state. Eight hundred fifty wins is amazing,” Solis said. “Coach Debbie is the reason we are so successful and makes us better every day along with all the coaching staff who are pushing us to work hard.”

Rooney said she admires the team’s success. 

“I think for us, the team came together trusting everyone’s abilities. Putting the time to learn the mental part of it, getting better and believing in each other, is what makes us successful,” Rooney said. 

Rooney also talked about the team goal heading into the playoffs. 

“We want to be successful to win by preparing next week for regional round one and provide the wins we need and move into super regional and then go to state,” Rooney said. 

Rooney emphasized the importance of balancing school and sports for her team to be successful in the classroom.

“This team has definitely bought in, and they trust in the fact that they have to put the time in school work,” Rooney said. “So, time management is important. We also do grade checks and planner checks to stay on top of their grades.”

Rooney also speaks about her 850th win and how she reached that milestone. 

“It’s the question that people ask and I just say it takes a village – all my past student athletes that made Jag ball successful and the coaches that I had and the support I had with them,” Rooney said. “It’s a success for everyone and it’s a team. It seems unreal that I’ve been doing this for 31 years. It’s the administration and the people that are around me. I surround myself with people that make me better.”