Jaguars end football season with 3-7 record

Players receive athletic awards


Photo by Juan Cortez / Times Staff

Jaguars quarterback Jared Julian, No. 18, stands ready to receive the ball on Saturday, Sept. 25 at Jaguars Stadium. The Jags lost to Foothill College 14-35.

The 2021 season was not ideal for the Jaguars but their effort was not overlooked.

Jared Julian, No. 18 quarterback for the Jaguars, was first team honorable mention.

“I’m honored to be in the conversation,” said Julian, “hopefully I can top that next year,”

Julian ended the season with a total of 106 completions, 51% completion rate, 1,430 total yards and a total of 13 touchdowns.

As the season recently ended, Julian recalls playing the game he loves with his brothers, making memories and growing as a football player and a man.

The Jaguars started the 2021 season with a win over DeAnza 38-14. Following a loss against Feather River 41-16.

It was a loss that they were able to overcome and come out on top against Yuba 24-14. Then came a five game losing streak against Foothill, Contra Costa, Los Medanos, Merced and Gavilan.

Saturday, Oct. 30, was the last home game of the season. The Jaguars were looking to break that losing streak and win their last game at home.

The only thing standing in the Jaguars way was the Hartnell Panthers. After a game where Panthers and Jaguars were clawing their way to come up on top, the game went to overtime.

Julian rushed for two touchdowns, Aslan Carvalho, No. 10 running back, also finished the game with two touchdowns. Darius Bedford, No. 6 wide receiver, had one receiving touchdown in the game and Owen Lagos, kicker No. 14, missed one of two extra point attempts but compensated that miss with a good field goal attempt.

At the end, the Jaguars arose victorious over the Panthers 44-38.

It was a moment to remember, as it was for Julian.

“It would have to be the Hartnell game. Overnight win at home, you can’t beat that,” said Julian.

The season ended with a loss against Monterey Peninsula College 10-7 on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Ten players for the Jaguars were recognized with athletic awards for the 2021 season.

First Team All Conference were tight-end No. 88 Will Schwartz, line-backer No. 43 Viliami Schaumkel, wide receiver No. 3 Tyson Bochert, tight-end / punter No. 89 Corbin Schaeffer, offensive line-men No. 52 Jordan Smith, defensive back No. 2 Jamahl Brown, linebacker No. 40 Chris Parungao, running back No. 10 Aslan Carvalho and defensive line-men No. 54 Karanjyot Sandhu.

Julian was named first team honorable mention for the 2021 season.

“I felt that we had some very talented athletes get the recognition,” said Raymond Cook, defensive backs coach.

Cook also said that there are many players that it is hard to acknowledge all the athletes that work hard and are deserving of recognition as well.

“Wish we were able to get a few more awards,” said Cook. “it’s always a goal of the staff to get as many from the team as possible those kinds of accolades.”

For some this has been their last season and some spots will be vacant for new players to step in.

“We’ll have to have others really step it up and fill those shoes,” said Cook. “not only with the impact on the field, but as leaders in the locker room as well.”

As some fundamental athletes leave, new recruits are coming in ready to prove themselves.

“We’ve got a good group set to return next season,” said Julian. “And a promising group of recruits coming in next year.”