Ways to save money in college

Managing your budget

College students have a range of expenses when it comes to attending school. Finding ways to save money in any area can really make a difference in one’s budget.

A budget of students usually consists of tuition, books and accessories. Food and entertainments are often areas where people spend the most according to student Mahogany Alexander, 24, Associate Student Government vice president of Finance.

Free entertainment websites
Spotify or Apple Music are both popular apps used by college students as a form of entertainment.

Subscribing to entertainment websites, such as Society6, Spotify/Apple Music, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Student that offer student prices can save you from spending extra money.

Alexander was not aware of discounts that are offered by companies like Hulu, Spotify and Amazon for college students.

“It would be beneficial for students who use these platforms to know about the discounted prices,” Alexander said.

Campus help

San Jose City College like many other schools offers grants and other programs that provide assistance for college students.

Programs offered at SJCC include EOPS, which offers aid to low-income students, book vouchers, bus passes and monthly food drives as well as many more.

“SJCC offers a grocery drive through twice a month which is available to students,”Jazmine Sires, 21, medical assisting major said, “They offer bus passes for lower cost or even free for those who are low income.”

Sires said she was able to save money by receiving help from programs offered at San Jose City College. Through EOPS she received a book rent amount of $150 for the semester. She also was approved for a grant of $200 from Sparkpoint for students in need.

Other tips

Alexander said that little changes definitely add up in the long run.

“I know I used to spend a lot of money bills wise and I made changes and it definitely made a difference,” Alexander said, “The more you have saved, the less you have to work and less expenses you have in college.”

As stated earlier food takes a big part in one’s budget. Finding ways to save money you spend on food will decrease your budget total.

“To stay on a budget try to not eat out all the time and limit meals out,” Sires said, “Try to have savings accounts.”

Cristal Villarreal, 18, sociology major said that she loves Target and used to spend so much money on household items.

“After making a target account I was able to use their money saving coupons,” Villarreal said, “Use all coupons available to you on the Target app.”