Seeds, gum and astrotruf don’t mix

Nathan Collins

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No sunflower seeds or gum allowed at a softball game? How could that be? With that question came a level of guilt, to which must be confessed by this sports editor. With quick judgment, the thought of how untraditional that is, blaspheme to some groups; with out even knowing the reason why? Rules against golf, cricket or vehicles makes sense; but you don’t want divots in the field because those are the things that tend to roll ankles, or even worse, dislocated knees.

Even the rules against bringing firearms, alcohol and or drugs makes sense. The last thing you want is someone drunk, high on crack wanting to show you his John Wayne impression during a ball game. Another example you wouldn’t want to see, would be John Daly deciding to start a new sport, a hybrid between demolition derby, golf, and skeet shooting, called Demolf. Or at anytime really.

Originally the story was going to be on the Feb. 17 game vs Solano, but due to the rain, it was canceled. So why not do a piece on the banning of sunflower seeds and gum during the games? Almost as if it were just as important as, HGH, Point Shaving or even Title 9, this story will be solved.

It was, with one answer from Coach Debbie Rooney the story had switched. Due to the field being artificial turf and the cost of it, having sunflower seeds and gum imbedded into it, doesn’t really seem like a good idea. There were also exceptions to the rule, if chewing seeds, a in “spit cup” if you will, for the shells is expectable; with gum, they ask if you are done with it, please make sure it sees its way to the trash bin.

Seemingly a ridiculous rule, is now understandable, you would not want something that you’ve just received destroyed by one sunflower seed, or rogue gum. Would you? Just think of those times you’ve stepped onto a piece of gum while walking down the side walk, not life threatening or even changing, but what an inconvenience. Image it happening to you on your brand new car interior, the car you’ve wanted and that you’ve worked hard for, now scarred with Bubblicious for the rest of its owner ship.

This editor will admit, that the next time being out in the stands, enjoying a game, conciseness of keeping the seating area clean will be much more important.