Sports trivia: baseball edition

1. Who was the MVP of the 1986 National League Championship Series?

a.) Mike Scott

b.) Roberto Clemente

c.) Brien Taylor

3.) Jim Rice

2. Who is the only pitcher to throw a no-hitter on Opening Day?

a.) Bob Feller

b.) Madison Bumgardner

c.) Mark Buehrle

d.) Aaron Rodgers

3. Who leads Major League catchers in all-time RBIs?

a.) Buster Posey

b.) Yogi Berra

c.) Jim Morris

d.) Gary Sanchez

4.Who had the most stolen bases from 2010-2019?

a.) Alexander Rodriguez

b.) Jimmie Foxx

c.) Dee Gordon

d.) Carlos Correa

5. Which player was named the 2014 American League Rookie of the Year?

a.) Chris Davis

b.) Mike Trout

c.) Russel Wilson

d.) Jose Abreu

6. Which team was the first to reach 100 wins in the MLB 2018 season?

a.) San Francisco Giants

b.) Los Angeles Dodgers

c.) Boston Red Sox

d.) Chicago White Sox

7. What is the home city of MLB’s Padres?

a.) Cincinnati

b.) Washington

c.) San Diego

d.) Orlando

8. The 2014 MLB All-Star Games were held in which city?

a.) Baltimore

b.) Orlando

c.) San Diego

d.) Minneapolis

9. If the umpire’s count on the batter is “2-1” how many strikes are on the batter?

a.) 2

b.) 1

10. How many games did the 2018 World Series last?

a.) 4

b.) 7

c.) 5

d.) 1

11. What shape are the bases on first, second and third base?

a.) Triangle

b.) Rectangle

c.) Square

d.) Circle

12. What position did Hall of Fame Baseball player Tony Perez play?

a.) Pitcher

b.) Left-field

c.) First base

d.) Catcher

13. How many strikes until the batter is out?

a.) 1

b.) 5

c.) 3

d.) 7

14. What number did Derek Jeter wear on his New York Yankees jersey?

a.) 10

b.) 17

c.) 2

d.) 0

15. How many players are on each base if the bases are considered loaded?

a.) 2

b.) 3

c.) 4

d.) 1

16. What does MLB stand for

a.) Major League Baseball

b.) Major League Basketball

c.) Most League Baseball

17. Who is the youngest player to hit 50 home runs in a season?

a.) Pete Alonso

b.) Prince Fisher

c.) Jimmie Foxx

d.) Ryan Howard


1.) a.    6.) c.    11.) c.    16.) a

2.) a.    7.) c.    12.) c.    17.) b

3.) b.    8.) d.   13.) c

4.) c.    9.) b.   14.) c

5.) d 10.) c.   15.) b