Tips to maintain a positive outlook on life

Daijunay Turner, Times Staff

Keeping a positive mindset through the New Year and the long run is imperative in making sure the year is full of new adventures and happiness.

According to “10 Tips for a Happier and Smarter Life” from, there are a few ways to maintain a positive mindset:

  • Recognize what brings you joy.

“To be happy is not the ultimate aspect of life. It is the fundamental aspect of life. If you are not happy, what else can you do with your life? Only if you are happy can other great possibilities open up.”

  • Put things into perspective.

“Suffering is happening essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about.”

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.

“People who depend on external situations to be happy will never know true joy in their lives.”

  • Be physically active.

Exercise “boosts endorphins that encourage an optimistic mindset,” according to the article “How to use Physical Exercise as a Spiritual Practice” by Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., at