Google’s ‘Find My Device’ helps find student’s lost or stolen phones

Phone utility

Forrest Canton, Times Staff

Android Device Manager is a phone-finding utility developed by Google in 2013. In 2017 the name changed to Find My Device. This app can help find lost or stolen phones and only Android devices can be located with this utility.

The graphical interface of Find My Device consists of tabs and a map. There’s a tab that shows which phone is currently being used, a tab for playing sound, Secure Device and Erase The Device.

The tab for the phone that is currently being used shows information about the location of the phone, and the location will be shown on the map.

The tab for playing sound will ring the phone for up to five minutes if the phone is on and working.

The Secure Device tab will lock the phone and log out of the user’s Google account. The phone is locked so that information on the phone remains safe. The account is logged out so that information is not compromised.

The Erase Device tab will delete all the information on the phone. This feature will also work if the phone is turned off. A web connection is required in order for the device to be erased. Students may have to sign in before the device is erased.

The Erase The Device feature won’t work if the phone is unable to open the home screen.

Find My Device comes in handy, and there are other alternatives that find lost or stolen phones, such as Apple’s Find My iPhone, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile.