Former golfer shows how staying motivated can pay off


Jeremy Walker, t

Former San Jose City College golfer Graham Chok had the lowest average score on the team during the 2015-2016 golf season at SJCC. In high school he almost got cut from his golf team, as he was not performing. This is his story of the mindset required to start from the bottom to end up successful.

Chok said that working from being the worst player on the team to the best was one of the hardest journeys he has been on. It taught him a lot about himself and how he “should not let anyone other than himself criticize his potential.”

Chok said his favorite quote is, “effort is free, results are not.” This quote means a lot to him because so many people want the results but are not willing to put in the effort to get the results. Chok said looking back there are too many good life lessons to take away from the whole college athletics experience to even talk about all of them in one interview.

He said that his main takeaway was to look forward in life with the mentality of always being willing to take on a challenge.

Even though some people have it better at the moment, it is up to the individual to put the effort into everything life brings. As a student of at a junior college, it is easy to compare ourselves to friends in four-year colleges and get jealous or envy them. The truth is, effort is free and what will we do with our time here to ensure we get the results we desire?