Work Study Program pays students to work in their chosen field

Departments seeking applicants


Morgan Guidry, Times Staff

SJCC is making a commitment to connect students with their respective departments in a variety of on and off-campus work study opportunities. The Federal Work Study program can provide eligible students with means to help with educational expenses, work in their field or major, and gain overall career experience.

Hendy Lam, a Financial Aid Specialist on campus,is urging students to apply for a variety of reasons. He said that short-term benefits include “wages paid directly to the student” and that “for some this can be their first ongoing job.” Long-term benefits include, “Strong resume builders. It is generally looked positively when employers see a job history within the same organization as it implies someone who is dependable, responsible, and consistent.”

Departments seeking workers include: Student Accessibility Services, Adapted Physical Education, the biology department, the chemistry department, library, Reading and Writing Center and Tutoring. If requirements are met, students can earn a monthly paycheck of $15 per hour working part-time with their desired department.

One of the departments involved in this program is the Reading and Writing Center located in the library. Instructional Support Program Coordinator Evelyn Rojas said there is a current need for peer tutors and student assistants. She “looks for students who have a positive attitude, are friendly, have great listening and speaking skills, are responsible, strive for excellent attendance, and behave professionally while working in Tutoring Center.”

Rojas says that while working as a peer tutor or student assistant, students can expect to perform tasks such as “Assisting students with any reading or writing assignment they may have from any class in which they are enrolled in the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District”and “working the information desk at the Reading and Writing Center.”

Shemiran Beteliah of the Counseling Department advises students looking to apply to the Federal Work Study Program to ensure that they “have filed their Financial Aid application, are enrolled with at least six units for the fall 2019 semester, and meet all of the academic standards necessary.”

Students seeking placement in the Federal Work Study Program must upload their resume and email Lam at [email protected] With plenty of positions open in an assortment of on and off-campus opportunities, students are strongly encouraged to participate and apply. For more information visit the Financial Aid Offices in the Student Center