Captain Marvel busting down records

First female lead Marvel movie is off to a great start

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

On March 8th 2019 the world was blessed with a new Marvel movie. ‘Captain Marvel’, Marvel’s first feature film with the main character being female, was released.

The film made around $153 million on its first weekend taking over the title of most money made in one weekend by a female lead superhero movie, a title previously held by ‘Wonder Woman’ at $103 million.

‘Captain Marvel’ has also beat out ‘Wonder Woman’ worldwide making $912 million with ‘Wonder Woman’ at $822 million.

‘Captain Marvel’ is a movie that follows an alien named Vers played by Brie Larson who crash lands on Earth while chasing enemy aliens. The movie then proceeds to follow her, and her unlikely partner Nick Furry played by Samuel L. Jackson, while she starts to unravel the truth about her past life that she doesn’t remember. This action packed and funny movie will also connect and prepare long time Marvel fans to the upcoming ‘Avengers: End Game’ which is set to release next month.

It’s an amazing movie and it is also refreshing to see a woman kicking butt instead of a guy. So go see ‘Captain Marvel’. You won’t be disappointed.