Korean Pop Take Over

Music genre less than 30 years old is redefining music charts around the world (Web Exclusive)


Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

K-pop, a genre of music popular around the world, may soon be breaking the American barrier and become a normal part of western music. After the success of popular groups such as BTS and Blackpink, South Korean companies are sending their top groups for North American tours. Here is a playlist of groups performing in North America this year.  The playlist includes the group names, their companies and a popular song from the group. Some of these shows have already happened but you can still listen to the music!


YG Entertainment

Everywhere Tour in North America — Jan. 15 through Jan. 29

Song: “Millions”

Oh My Girl

WM Entertainment

First U.S. Tour — Jan. 18 through Jan. 27

Song: “Liar Liar”

Red Velvet

SM Entertainment

Redmare in USA — Feb. 7 through Feb. 17

Song: “Bad Boy” (there is an english version)


JYP ENtertainment

Warning Tour — March 6 through March 18

Song: “Nior”

Epik High

YG Entertainment

2019 North American Tour — April 1t through May 1

Song: “Born Hater”


YG Entertainment

2019 World tour ‘In your area’ — April 17 through May 9

Song: “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

Monsta X

Starship Entertainment

‘We are here’ Tour — July 25 through Aug. 10

Song: “X”