NFL demonstrates hypocrisy at its finest as Cleveland Browns sign Kareem Hunt

Kaepernick still not signed

Mikie Negrete, Times Staff

The NFL’s Cleveland Browns made headlines when they signed embattled running back Kareem Hunt on Feb. 11.

Hunt, who burst onto the scene with an incredible rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, was released by the Chiefs on December 30th, after a video surfaced of him brutally kicking a woman he had pushed to the ground in a hotel hallway.

While supporting the rights of others to protest in a peaceful manner, I cringed the first time I saw Colin Kaepernick demonstrate during the National Anthem.

With that being said – it is an absolute abomination that people like Kareem Hunt, who has lacked the ability to keep his hands to himself, has a job in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick, a law abiding citizen with a squeaky clean record, finds himself unemployed.

Many have made the argument that Kaepernick finds himself without a job because of what he has shown on the field.

How is this for production on the field – in just his second year as an NFL Quarterback, Kaepernick stepped in for the injured Alex Smith, won the starting job, and led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII?

In his first full season as starter for the 49ers, Kaepernick led the team to the NFC Championship that year, and the 49ers fell one game short of returning to the Super Bowl.

Oh, and here is his career statistics if all that was not enough for you: his touchdown-interception ratio is 72-30, he has thrown for 12,271 yards during his time as an NFL quarterback, and he has an overall passer rating of 88.9.

Many NFL media pundits make the argument that Kaepernick is better than most backups in the league; with accolades and numbers like the ones listed above, he’s probably better than half the starters in the league!

There is no reason for Kaepernick not to have a job in this league other than NFL team owners simply disagreeing with the stance that he took.

Again, kneeling/protesting during the National Anthem is something I will personally never do.

However, when politics are left out of it and this issue is viewed purely from a football/talent perspective, Colin Kaepernick has no business not being signed to an NFL team.

The NFL should be embarrassed that its team owners are more willing to sign individuals who physically abuse other people than individuals who conduct a peaceful protest