ASG encourages leadership with conference at SJCC

Students leave their brilliance on a leash with lack of interest in student government

Reginald Webb, Times Staff

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The SJCC Associated Student Government should be applauded for hosting the Leadership Conference for Social Change. Providing students a platform upon which they can discuss issues they have a passion for or causes they want to advocate with those who share similar concerns is exactly the type of campus and community engagement necessary to help move society forward. It is the role a community college should play.

Regrettably, SJCC is about to hold elections and once again an insufficient amount of candidates have stepped forward. It is understandably difficult to make time for some because of work and children, but serving has value. It empowers your ability to have an impact for the betterment of everyone and your own well-being.

The obstacles are real as far as serving. SJCC’s location in the center of town next to a freeway makes it a commuter school and as such makes it easy to access which means being able to leave campus also. Campus life is very important. It will be the last time in most of our lives where we can have a significant impact on our learning and recreational environment.

Leadership is an invaluable attribute. It is a unique quality of human behavior that is ever changing for everyone. Leadership is compelled, instigated by its absence and many of us get that feeling someone needs to step up and take charge of the situation.

Moreover, leadership is not just taking charge it is a critique of how we take charge and what type of attributes we exemplify to achieve our objectives within a team or group. Enthusiasm, vision, humility, courage, and character top my list of leadership attributes.

College is a good place for one to hone his or her skills with regard to leadership. Establishing a narrative of achievement that shows leadership will open opportunities such as admission to top graduate schools winning scholarships, or getting an internship at one of the highly profitable companies here in the Silicon Valley.

Academically, leadership in class is shown by being prepared and then willing to start the conversation. Ignore your reluctance and attempt to answer the question posed by your instructor. Have confidence that the perspective you contribute will benefit the conversation as a whole. This is what sets institutions apart from each other. The students who are applying leadership in the classroom contribute towards a more robust and provocative conversation on a given subject and add prestige to the department.

Here at SJCC we see reminders of encouragement like “unleash your brilliance.” Choosing to remain indecisive and timid will leave your brilliance on a leash. Many current students have children. As parents engaging with your community is necessary. If you want the best for your children then maximizing your potential and that of the community’s is good parenting.

Upward mobility is inter-generational. We have no control over where we came from. Our parents may not know how essential leadership is due to their own upbringing or occupation. This does not have to be an impediment. This is why it is always important to keep an open dialogue with a trusted instructor, counselor, or administrator that you have carved out a relationship with.