Jaguars lose home game

Women's volleyball team defeated by Gavilan


Benjamin Castro

Kassandra Van Dyke (7) and Haile Landrum (9) watch helplessly as the ball gets past front blockers Jordyn Windom (5) and Sierra Choyce (8) and heads for the ground for a Gavilan point during the second set of the match Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

San Jose City College women’s volleyball team was defeated at its home game 3 – 0 against Gavilan College on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

“We worked our hardest,” SJCC volleyball player Alyssa Fioritto said, “We could have done better but I’m glad we still came together as a team.”

The game against Gavilan was the Jaguar’s 12th game of the season and 10th defeat.

Jason (Dupler, the team’s new head coach) is starting from scratch,” Gavilan College Director of Athletics Ron Hannon said. “It’s going to take time. You need experience; you need a group of players that have played with each other for a long time.”

Hannon said there are ladies on Gavilan’s volleyball team that have been playing together since they were 14.

“So just having that continuity of understanding each other and having that experience makes a big difference,” Hannon said.

SJCC Director of Athletics, Lamal Harris is optimistic about the future of the program despite the loss.

“We got a new coach, there is a new energy, a new direction, a new focus for the program,” Harris said. “I’m excited about the direction of the program.”