Classroom etiquette

Four tips for student success


Lauren Quilty / Times Staff

Etiquette is important in the classroom: texting is disrespectful for both the instructor and the classmates.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

It’s the beginning of a brand-new semester and every student comes to college expect to learn and advance either to a four-year institution or into a better career.

Your instructors are all ready to prepare you for that next step but are you prepared to make the effort and absorb all that San Jose City College has to offer?

As you begin the semester, consider these essential tips:

  1. Always arrive to class early. Show your instructor that you are a serious student by getting to class before it begins, ready to learn; this means pen or pencil are out and ready to take notes.
    Yes, life is unpredictable and sometimes things can prevent you from arriving to class on times, but when you arrive to class after the scheduled time it is disrespectful to the instructor and distracting to your peers as you find a seat and rummage through your bag for a pen and notebook.
  2. Take good notes in class. If you require instruction on note-taking, visit the Reading and Writing Center located in the campus library. Good note-taking is the foundation for student success, so use all the resources SJCC has to offer.
  3. Always make friends with at least two of your classmates and get their contact information. This is one reason why good note-taking is essential; you can always refer to your notes if you or your peers miss something from the lecture.
  4. Never use your phone in class! This is just disrespectful. Playing with your phone shows you are not interested in what is going on in class; it’s better to go outside and use it.

Most of the tips mentioned are common sense, but it never hurts to be reminded. Now it’s up to you to stay focused and always remember: if it was easy, everyone would do it.