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Go the extra meter with the Track Team

Interviews with a track coach and student athlete.

Raymond Prado, Times Staff

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Name: Scott Beasley

Position: Student-Athlete

Major: Communications

Age: 24


  1. What events do you run?


  1. “I run the 400-, 800-, no comma and 1,500-meter race.”


  1. How long have you been running competitively?


  1. “To be honest, I have been running for 2 two years.”


  1. Do you plan on running after being involved with the San Jose City track team?


  1. “Yes, I will be running at Canvas?? Or Sterling University.”


  1. What inspired you to start running for the track team?


  1. “I got inspired when I graduated from high school High School. My coach asked me to do him a favor and talk to the track coach at West Valley College??. He persuaded me to become a better athlete.”


  1. Do you have a specific diet you go by?


  1. “Not really. I try to eat well before my race.”


Name: Steve Nelson


Position: Track Coach


Age: 55


  1. How is your first year at San Jose City College going so far?


  1. “It’s new. There are the good and bad things about it. I still have to get accustomed to certain things, such as learning names but for the most part I have been enjoying my time here.”


  1. How many years have you been a track coach?


  1. “I have been a track coach for 32 years. I have coached at Mt. Pleasant High School before and still teach there today.”


  1. What are some of the goals for the track team this year?


  1. “They’re not a lot of people on the team so if we were to get more athletes out here that would be great. Also, I hope everyone gets better and becomes more experienced. Maybe we can get some of the football players in February that are out here playing spring ball football players who are out here in February, playing spring ball; otherwise, it will be difficult to compete.”


  1. Do you think the Athletic Department building will attract more athletes from other schools once it’s built?


  1. “Yes. I believe we have the best track facility in Northern California. I just think that San Jose City College needs to promote more.”


  1. When did you truly create a passion for track and field?


  1. “Personally it was around fourth and fifth grade in the fifty 50-yard dashes we had in the elementary school competitions.”


  1. What made you take on the responsibility of being the head coach for San Jose City College?


  1. I have been a head coach. I was actually asked by the athletic director to coach if interested so I have been trying my best to get things going.”
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Go the extra meter with the Track Team