Various plants, one greenhouse


Things you want to know about our school’s greenhouse   Viridiana Castellanos Times Staff   Tall glass windows and the noise of what seems to be an AC machine, this is what you see if you’re ever walking by the science building.   San Jose City College very own greenhouse is located in between the science and the tech building.   Filled with a diverse plant species, this small and cozy greenhouse is a wonderful addition to this campus.   “We have plants that you would usually find in deserts,plants that you would find in tropical places, plants from all different biomes are all kept in there” Said professor Sanhita Datta, who is currently teaching environmental science here at house

A greenhouse works by collecting light and converting it to heat.   In addition to capturing light, the greenhouse also stores thermal energy and releases that energy properly around the secluded area.   This offers protection from wind, rain and other weather elements This also helps by keeping the plants safe from harmful pests and animals.   The plants that are grown there are used for class labs, and the professors own teaching purposes. It is a wonderful resource that benefits both the students and the professors.   “We mainly keep plants there that we need for our different classes” Said professor Datta.   Plants there have to be monitor frequently, one type of pest can cause a lot of damage.     Work study students water the plants by hand and monitor them to prevent them from any pest or harmful animals.   They try their best to stay away from pesticides when maintaining the plants.   This addition to our campus is exciting for some students.   “I’m excited to start taking my science classes” said Adriana Miranda ,18, “I’ve always seen it and was so intrigued by it”   The facility is unfortunately not open to everyone, you either have to be in the work study program or also you can take a Botany class here on campus.   We are very fortunate to have a well functioning greenhouse, not a lot of community colleges do.   So if you are a fan of science and want to learn more about different plants and cool biomes, check out the Botany classes that the school offers.   “Plants are awesome” Said Datta “You can’t live without them”.