Campus community seeks solution to lack of police

Tyler Bar-Ness

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Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Doug Smith hosted a public forum in the Student Center on April 10 to discuss campus police staffing issues and future long-term goals.

Administration is currently searching for a suitable replacement for Chief of Police Ray Aguirre who left in February, as well as other full-time and part-time officers.

“Many of our students have not had positive experiences with police,” said Elaine Burns, Vice President of Student Affairs. “That’s exactly why we need someone who’s sensitive to the students.”

As of now, Officer Tony Delgado is serving as interim Chief of Police.

Smith let faculty and members of the community say what they hope to see from the Campus Police Department in the future.

“You have to know the community that you’re working in,” said Percy Carr, head coach of the men’s basketball team.

Heavy emphasis was put on establishing constant communication between the police department and administration in order to benefit the student population.

“The chief has to share information,” President Byron Breland said. “People need to be mindful of what’s happening.”