Newspaper classes thrive in face of cuts

Steve Hill

The City College Times will continue to be published for the fall semester.

The classes that produce the campus newspaper were re- moved from the online Schedule of Classes Aug. 21 but were reinstated one week later by San Jose City College administrators.

Students who were registered before Aug. 21 were dropped, and the enrollment numbers were reset to zero.

The newspaper program was given one week, including the Labor Day holiday, to reach the enrollment minimum of 20 students.

Dean of Language Arts Keiko Kimura said the newspaper classes would be canceled if 20 enrolled students were not present during a headcount in the newsroom on Sept. 4  at 5 p.m.

When the deadline arrived and the dean had not appeared, ESL instructor Leslie Rice telephoned Kimura and was informed that she would not conduct the headcount and had sent an email that the classes would not be canceled, as the enrollment minimum had been reached.

Each semester for the last two years, the journalism courses that produce the paper have been in danger of cancellation because of low enrollment, while in May the Academic Senate adopted a resolution that would prevent the classes from being canceled because of low enrollment.

President Barbara Kavalier acknowledged the resolution and made a verbal commitment to the Academic Senate to keep the classes regardless of enrollment numbers.

Rice said that when the Academic Senate heard that promise not to cancel, “all of us were relieved.”

At that point, she said, a campus-wide email should have been sent.

“If the administration had any difficulty with the resolution,” Rice said, “it would have been dealt with in May.”