The 2023 winter intersession will not be free for students

Students who want to take intersession are highly encouraged to enroll in financial aid


Photo by Richard Ramirez/Times Staff

Financial aid office in the Student Center where you can obtain the latest information regarding 2023 Winter Intersession.

Priority registration opened up for all students on Nov. 7, for the upcoming 2023 Winter Intersession which begins on Jan. 3.

The general schoolwide belief is that winter intersession is going to be free of charge for all students, just like the Fall 2022 semester, but in reality that is not the case.

“The 2023 Winter Intersession will not be free,” stated Financial Aid Specialist Hoan Lee.

With that being said, there is important information for students who plan to enroll in winter intersession who will need to pay fees for the semester.

Although students will not be granted the ability to register for free, the amount of money they will pay will be significantly reduced if they apply for financial aid.

Meaning, if students want to enroll for winter intersession the importance of applying for financial aid is highly significant.

The qualifying students to benefit from this include California residents, students registered with six or more units, high school students who participate in dual enrollment and AB-540 students.

With that being said, the winter intersession is fast-paced in terms of learning time. This is a reminder that the last day to drop a course with a full refund is Jan. 4 and the last day to drop without receiving a “W” and add a course is Jan. 5.